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As our Web site Developer for some years now, Tim Allingham has been fabulous in not only his technical expertise and design, but in being creative and responding to our many requests. We highly recommend the work Tim achieves and his sound product knowledge of the market in all things related to IT and web design. Tim is extremely approachable and available to meet our Company needs and always with a 'can do' attitude'.Cindy Davenport, Director, Safe Sleep Space


Having spent many years in a variety of IT roles, from hardware technician to systems administration, I've always enjoyed unleashing my creative geek. Along the way I discovered a passion for helping others achieve their visions online, be it personal or business related.

I love working with startups and small business to help them shine online.

I'm have recently lead the development of an online platform for The Atlas Projekt, which can be found at https://theatlasprojekt.com/. I am very thankful to Jakub Rejlich for being chosen to help bring his vision for this project to the online space.

When I'm not working I love spending time with my family, bushwalking, taking trips to the beach, going camping or geeking out with some old fashioned paper and pencil RPG gaming.

  • Development

    • Wide range of experience in front end, back end and full stack development.

    • Experienced with jQuery and pure javascript for front end development, as well as frameworks like React and AngularJS.

    • Experienced in PHP, Perl and Python for server side development, with a preference for Perl in the Mojolicious framework.

  • Design

    • Site design and theming to HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

    • Maximized browser consistency and compatibility.

    • Designs tailored to your brand, no off the shelf templates.

    • Graphic design services to compliment your site content.

  • Support

    • Linux and Windows server management.

    • Small business IT support

    • Hosting Maintenance including CMS management

The Atlas Projekt www.theatlasprojekt.com

I originally met Jakub while working in the same building around 3 years ago, and he told me about an epic graphic novel he was working on. We swapped details after letting him know I'd be very interested in helping him bring it online.

Fast forward around 12 months and he approached me to come onboard to build a dedicated platform for Projektz to deliver The Atlas Projekt to the world. I was eager to accept.

The site has been developed atop the Mojolicious framework, allowing us to customise all aspects of the site to build a website true to Jakub's design and vision, providing a powerful platform that enables Jakub to deliver his story and also to engage with his fans.

What makes it special

In developing The Atlas Projekt, current and developing web technologies were leveraged to ensure a seamless experience across a range of platforms and devices. This included

  • Developing a system to handle dividing the novel into story arcs, and chapters, and to provide seamless navigation of these elements.
  • Allow for releases to be scheduled ahead of time, delivering a consistent flow of content independent of the artists workload.
  • Implement support for the new responsive image specification, including automatically generating the required file sizings without sacrificing the fidelity of the artists work.
  • Using responsive design elements to allow for a tailored reading experience across a wide range of devices.

In addition a number of as-yet unrevealed features allow for a truly multi-media experience to be delivered as the story evolves.

Safe Sleep Space events.safesleepspace.com.au

Cindy Davenport from Safe Sleep Space was referred to me in 2013 wanting an affordable site developed to house their yearly conference programs. I developed a site based on the ModX CMS providing them with the ability to display

  • A welcome and summary of the conferences being run for the year
  • A venue list (with dates if required) and accomodation options
  • Planned program for the conference
  • Registration information and links to Registration and payment
  • Sponsorship packages
  • Call for abstracts

In addition after assessing the requirements for registrations, I recommended the RegisterNow platform (www.registernow.com.au) for handling their registrations and payments, and assisted with setting up their registernow events, and integrating them with the Events website.

Since then I have been providing ongoing development and support services to Safe Sleep Space, including rebranding the events site for their 2015 conference, an upcoming redesign of their core site at www.safesleepspace.com.au, and assisting with the redevelopment of their rockabub iOS app.


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